Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Night in Sydney - 5th July 2010

Took Sky Bus At Southern Cross Station. It cost AUD16 for one way. One of the main public transport to Melbourne Tullmarine Airport. It takes approximately 20minutes to reach the international airport

There's another small airport for Tiger Airways. Instead of paying extra AUD10 [what's the point? ] and you gotta arrive here earlier for check-in, I did web-check in and not bringing any stuffs more than 7kg for hand-baggage.

On my way to Sydney on 5th July 2010!Departed at 6.20pm and reached there at 8.20pm. 2 hours journey from Melbourne to Sydney through flight.

 Took train from Airport to Central Station. 20 minutes Journey and it cost AUD15.

Waited cousin's family to pick me up from the train station and headed to Mamak! Awesome! Been not eating any nasi lemak or teh tarik for half year! Lolx. This restaurant quite famous. Gotta queue up and waited for 15 minutes? Quite a number of people still waiting for it when we were leaving. 

Next post - Mainly Beach. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Normanby House July 2009 - Nov 2010

Was wondering what's the post that I should blog about. Hence, decided to share some pictures where I have been staying for the past three semesters in Monash University, Clayton. Started from this semester onwards, I have moved out and currently staying with another three housemates. I would say it's awesome!

Normanby House is one of the residential halls at Monash Clayton campus. The monthly rental is slightly higher compared to the other residential halls because of the "additional basin" in your own room.

Love this scene whenever I pass by before walking up the stairs.

There's study room, snookers, and common room
The best part of the study room during the summer, there is air conditioner!

Notice Board. You could find out more events here =) Or they might have announcements through speaker, so that all the hall mates could know about it.

Yup! there's passwords for entering female's bathroom which I found it's unnecessary. For the first half year I have stayed in Normanby House, I totally have no idea about the password as they did not provide it to me. For the first day I arrived after the summer break, it's locked ! Crap! Thanks for Ee Von telling me the pin numbers. Phew!

One of the best thing staying here is unlimited doing your laundry. It's free. They provided clothes dryer and iron as well. No worries about your clothes when comes to the winter. Somehow, the cons side, your clothes might be missing as if you are the unlucky one. More than 20 people are sharing it if I'm not mistaken.

The Kitchen. Provided kettle, two refrigerators, microwave, oven and the lockers that stored your own stuffs. Anyway, I bought my own mini bar fridge which in my room. Much more convenience! There could be happened that someone might steal your drinks or food ! Never could understand these people! Did happened but not much. Dont have to worry about that.

That's the hall way and my room's door on the left side. 

Huge study table for me =) 


 Views from my room. Like it !

They provide everything for us. Bed, bedsheets (change the new one for every Tuesday), Quilt, One armchair and wardrobe. I don't have to buy anything except the stuffs for studies like printer. Hence, it's easy for me to move out at anytime as I don't have much stuffs.

It's normal to see spiders in your room here >.<" Especially when comes to summer.
There was one time I was shocked when I was lying on the bed, and there was a huge spider right beside on my bedsheets.  Scary!

It's easy to take any bus around the halls.
Bus 742 towards the Chadstone Shopping Complex.
Bus 737 towards Glen Waverly for groceries especially for korean groceries =)
Bus 703 towards Clayton

It was good experience to stay on-campus accommodation.
It's time to Say Bye, Normanby House!