Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anzac Hill

If you missed the rest of attraction in the town, just make sure that you dont miss the ANZAC HILL! For your information. ANZAC is the abbreviation of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, representing men and women who fought in the great wars. It's a memorial to all those who served in the defence of their country during the wars in which Australia has participated. 

When you reach the top of it, the view is worthwhile and spectacular. 





Approximately 10 minute walking up.

P6270136 (2)



Absolutely love the clouds and the sky! 
I could take the same picture over and over again..... 




Northern Territory Flag. Three official Territory colours - Black, white and ochre and the official Northern Territory floral emblem, Sturt's Desert Rose. 


P6270141 (2)


Right. I can see the whole view of Alice Springs' town. 
We spent an hour to enjoy the scenery. 

P6270153 (2)




We decided back to the backpacker resort before the sunset. 
Isn't safe to walk around in the town during night time according to the tour guide. 





On our way back



No doubt, we had fun for posing with the graffiti in one of the random street ! 


Hm, Any idea for this pose? I dont get it either. Lolx. 



Ahhhh.. STOP The train!
Done with the touring around the town.

What's Next?!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glen Waverly Chickilia

One of my favourite korean restaurant.. 
It's located at Glen Waverly. Just to let you know that Glen Waverly is part of my favourite place. Because the first day when I arrived in Melbourne, the first place that I visited? And Most of the time, I like going there for groceries. 

It's a very small restaurant and only fits for 15 people perhaps? 

Kimbap. 김밥

Spicy Fried Chicken Drumsticks and wings.  Loves! 

Dukbokki ! 떡볶이
Korean Spicy Rice Cakes.
Love how spicy it is.     

259 Springvale Road, Glen Waverly   
Contact : 03-9887-7777
Close on Monday 
Opening Hours : 11am - 9pm Tuesday-Sunday 

Some hints to look for the restaurant =) 

It's located opposite to the centro and the car parking. 

Once you saw the Waverly Original Charcoal Chickens, 

Just beside the Chemist's back entrance. The other way is you enter through the front entrance of the korean grocery shop.  

P/s : FYI, they moved to the city and no longer at Glen Waverly anymore. I blogged about this restaurant and click here for the post. =) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Semester begins...

First day of new semester today! You know what? I'm soooooo NOT looking forward for being 3rd year student now.
Lectures, Tutorials, Tests, Assignments. Time to face it. Sigh.

#4 Song of the day

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The PaaaannnnnnCAKE Parlour ... ...

Buy 1 Free 1 
Short Stakes - 2 pancakes and an Ice Cream
With Maple Syrups 

Vanilla Ice Cream taste much better than Chocolate.

The Colossal 

3 Scoops of Vanilla + 3 Scoops of Chocolates Ice Creams, A Cherry, 
Strawberries which is frozen rather than fresh, Marshmallow, Roasted Almonds, Sliced bananas and home-made hot chocolate fudge served in the ENORMOUS GLASS!

By the way, I should have request for 6 scoops of Vanilla instead of Chocolates. Hmp!

Imagine how enormous of the glass could be by comparing my friend's face. XD

Had the Last farewell dinner with Lean See since she's going back to Malaysia for good.
Will be missing her a lot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Town of Alice Springs

It's pretty amusing when I told my friends that I'm going to Alice Springs for 5 days during my winter break.  They gave some thought that I'm going to one of the hot Springs in somewhere. XD  



The Event Board before we picked up our luggages. 


I'm so glad to join them for this trip! 
Kelly from Taiwan, Lean See from Malaysia and Jessica from Macau.


Unfortunately, we did not manage to visit the beanie festival.


On our way to the town from the Haven Backpacker Resort.




We are surprised that there is Kmart, Coles, Woolworth just like another suburb areas in Melbourne. 
We imagined that there shouldn't anything in the town of Alice Springs. As you know, Desert... Like rocks and sands.




The town of the Alice Springs. 



Some unrelated sign board here.


Crossing over the Bridge.

Based on the map, We are at point A.


The dry riverbed of the Todd River



Even rubbish bin with aboriginal arts! 


There is many galleries which showcased the local Aboriginal Arts and art centres dotted throughout the Town. If you tend to have a whole day free in the town, you can take a "hop on-hop off" town tour to explore the town's many attractions. We arrived there in the afternoon, hence, not much time to go for other things except walk around in the town. If you are interested to visit centres like Alice Springs Reptile Centre, School of the Air Visitor Centre, you gotta take a cab and the cost is affordable.