Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello for the first time in 2013

I was determined to blog about what's going on in 2012 on last December. Unfortunately, I was too occupied with my current schedules [I work, I volunteer] and couldn't find a day to do what I want. If there is free time, I would rather spend more time for sleeps. 

That might be an excuse, or I would say that I'm still struggling with my time management. At the same time, I'm lacking of interest in taking photos due to faulty screen in my camera which I couldn't take a clear photo. Even though I have the time to attend any events or meet up with friends, I was too tired to bother anything nor being energetic to take photo especially with the poor quality camera by Samsung SII. 

Also, I have been looking for a new place to stay on upcoming month and yet I still struggling to find any affordable accommodation that fits what I'm looking for. Should I increase my budget or lower my expectation? Starting to stress about it now.

Everything sums up, I wish I have more TIME!