Tuesday, April 23, 2013





未来的两个月里,我害怕的事情,是时候面对了。到底能信任自己做得到,还是干脆放弃好了。 我的确害怕因为这时刻,感觉自己的未来很蒙雾。

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reunion @ Joomak

This was taken on March before university reopen. I was so glad that they finally came back after three months summer break. I am missing the foodie partners !!!

 photo IMG_0593_zpsb841e94c.jpg

I have been to Joomak for three times. I wouldn't find out this place if I am passing by and it's located underground. You only manage to see the board of Joomak when you are walking down the stairs. The door is close sometimes and it makes me wondering is the restaurant close? Is that a restaurant? 

 photo IMG_0591_zpsd7b31546.jpg

I have to make a call to book for the cabin. If everyone get what I mean. =)

 photo IMG_0604_zpsfb55b167.jpg

"Asian at Work"

 photo IMG_0605_zps0464a2b6.jpg

Flounder and Chicken drumettes

We also ordered Kimchi and Pork pancake.

 photo IMG_0601_zpsdc5dea25.jpg

Pan Fried Spicy Squid
I think I'm the only one there who can eat really spicy!

 photo IMG_0595_zpsf12f0d65.jpg

Mango Rice Wine. It taste alright but Peach flavours would have taste nicer and sweeter.

What can I say about this restaurant? I don't think the food is worth for the price. They have small portion of dishes yet slightly overpriced to me. I have tasted better kimchi pancake which affordable price and a larger portion of spicy pan fried spicy squid or even better one! The chicken drumettes was just average, less flavours, not something that I would like to order again.

The second visit was dining here with a Japanese friend. He ordered Bulgogi and Kimchi Stew. To be honest, the portion of the bulgogi definitely not fulfilling for a guy just by eating it with rice.

The only thing I am liking this place is the atmosphere and rice wine. That's it ! Wouldn't come back again unless I would like to have some sweet alcohol drinks. 

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012 Part II

Here is the final part for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show 2012!
For the past week, I have been busy doing my assignment and catch up some studies. Honestly, I don't remember I go anywhere during this semester break!

 photo 1_zps6037391e.jpg

Was about to step my foot into the Royal Exhibition Building and greeted with this HUGE Scottish... and a dog pretended by a human. When the "dog" started barking and lying on the floor, a sudden moment, he peed. Kelly was just standing at the side where the "pee" directed to her face and no doubt, it was too quick to escape for her. Instead of feeling sorry, actually I was keep laughing to that. XD 

Here's the photos of RMIT Student Floral Fashion Design: 

 photo P4010745-tile_zps8b9a3423.jpg  photo 2_zps8919d67a.jpg  photo 2nd_zps77f31c1b.jpg  photo page-4_zps650e6be7.jpg

This is the most impressive arts to me for the day. I can't imagine how long the designer will stick those beans piece by piece. Oh! She got into 2nd place! 

 photo P4010936_zpsb96b840f.jpg

 photo P4010927_zpsb97cbfa9.jpg  photo 3_zps863eeeec.jpg  photo P4010920_zps9d8e70f3.jpg

 photo P4010922_zps29b1f620.jpg  photo P4010929_zps274490ae.jpg  photo num1_zps128f44a9.jpg

This is the first place gotten by Tyrone Dylan Susman.

My concept for 'celebration' looks at celebrating life after death. Making use of fruits and vegetable skins such as orange peels, pineapples, pumpkins, eggplants, honey dew, and lemons. I peeled them, shaped them, spray painted them, solidified them and finally glossed them giving these 'dead' peels a new lease on life. Each element and material I have used has been manipulated to give longevity and vibrancy once it is no longer living. I used traditional Mexican skull art to inspire the surface detail which is colourful, detailed, exotic, textured and intricate. My design references a Haute Couture piece, yet up close viewers realise the gown is made from fruit and vegetations. 

27 March 2012 

Honestly, I was blown away all the creativity of the floral dress done by the students from RMIT ! 

 photo P4010864_zps615e5978.jpg  photo P4010829-vert_zpsc0e34182.jpg  photo P4010791_zpsd200316f.jpg photo P4010767_zps09625867.jpg  photo P4010807_zps9907f455.jpg

More flowers and flowers...

 photo P4010685_zps6f3efe9d.jpg  photo P4010781_zps87aaf25c.jpg  photo P4010830_zps52e77a71.jpg  photo P4010832_zps87234b56.jpg  photo P4010883_zps97cb2343.jpg  photo P4010887_zps3702fdc5.jpg

One of my favourites as well.

 photo P4010847_zpsa5db5773.jpg  photo P4010838_zps35e144fb.jpg  photo P4010881-horz_zps2aeca364.jpg

When I saw this, I was totally awwwww. Is there any girls doesn't like jewellery and flowers?

 photo P4010818-tile_zps7fac569e.jpg

I couldn't stop myself keep capturing dozen of beautiful roses.

 photo P4010820_zpsff721b83.jpg  photo P40108212_zpse92b03d3.jpg  photo P4010944_zps0a33ca97.jpg  photo P4010950_zps1ebc7699.jpg

The crowd was massive and overall, I really enjoyed visiting this event. Definitely will  pay a visit again! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Colette Hayman Accessories Haul

Last week, I got an email from Colette Hayman regarding the 50% Off ALL jewellery in all their retail stores, including online shop too! The Easter sales gonna end by midnight today! 

Went to Chadstone for twice within four days. Oh please, I only spent an hour to shop on last Thursday and we decided to shop again on Sunday. The only time I will buy accessories when there is discount offer instead of full price and my budget have to be under $10 for each jewellery. =)

   photo 20130330_170051_zps14a1a582.jpg

Screw Ring ($3.95) - $1.98

 photo 20130401_125909_zpsd323ffc3.jpg

Kareena Flower Cluster ($16.95) - $8.48
Bought this as a gift for my friend. 

 photo 20130330_165958_zps22041968.jpg

Trend Gold Pearl Ball & Dia Stretch ($7.95) - $3.98  

 photo 20130401_130326_zps74a5a711.jpg

Ruby Multi Ball ring ($7.95) - $3.98 

 photo 20130401_130716_zps458de74c.jpg

Lines ring ($5.95) - $2.98 

 photo 20130401_130102_zps6c81867b.jpg

Psychic Necklace ($12.95) - $6.48

 photo 20130401_130140_zps87d1bf7b.jpg

Instantly fell in love with this design once I saw this.

Anyway, time to catch up my studies now and I will be looking forward to watch My Kitchen Rule tonight!