Monday, September 23, 2013

Gllow Cafe @ Malvern

On last Saturday (21st September), I was supposed going to Royal Melbourne Show with DC. We were starving and decided to try out the new taiwanese cafe - Gllow before taking train at Malvern Station. They just opened on last week. This cafe located opposite the train station, within 30 seconds walk. That's what we are looking for ! By the way, it gotta be my first time trying Taiwanese food in Melbourne.

 photo IMG_2047_zps9c859a3a.jpg  photo IMG_2024_zps26c316a2.jpg  photo IMG_2032_zps27631344.jpg

 I am impressed the fact they are serving nice glasses of water instead of cheap plastic one! 

 photo IMG_2038_zps8f75159c.jpg

Spring Onion Pancake - $5.00 
It was so crispy but missing some flavours on it. 

 photo IMG_2028_zps2718a42c.jpg

Let's start eating !!! 

 photo IMG_2043_zpsee0c44f5.jpg

XXL Crispy Chicken Chop - $13.50
Once they served this bento, both of us were like WOW, THIS IS HUGE ! No wonder it's being called EXTRA EXTRA Large. Indeed yes! The size of the chicken chop was like size of  DC's hand. We should have shared this bento together instead of ordering another one! We couldn't finished it and decided to take away the left over which is half of the chicken chop. I would say that the chicken chop is marinated quite well, very crispy and it is boneless!

 photo IMG_2045_zps52ff4744.jpg

Popcorn Chicken - $12.50
I ordered this. Basically, it's the same thing as crispy chicken chop. If you are planning to have the bento by yourself and also lazy to cut the chicken chop into pieces, this is probably the option that you want to go for. The side dishes were alright except the boiled egg. I wasn't sure whether it's a normal boiled egg or tea egg. But it didn't taste that good to me and I don't like it tasted cold.

Overall, the bento is totally worth the price!

 photo IMG_2046_zps3db497ef.jpg

I didn't managed to try out their bubble tea. But that's okay, I will definitely come back on next time especially it's really near to my place. In addition, they also serving coffee too! Unfortunately, we were unable go to Royal Melbourne show as DC was feeling dizzy when we were on the train. We hanged out in the city instead. Oh well, at least we have discovered a new asian cafe to dine in on next time!

Update - 24/09/2013

 photo 20130924_181404_zps9288c17f.jpg

Matcha Milk Tea $5.00 + Pearls Topping $0.50

The Milk Tea itself taste fragrance. But I personally think that $5.50 for one small cup of milk tea is a bit pricey and I believe that i could get an affordable one in somewhere else.

29 Station Street, Malvern
Phone Number: 039500 9995

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The harsh promotion

I still couldn't get away what happened today when I went to the gym to enquire membership fee. I have mentioned this in my twitter.

The only information I would like to have is how much it cost to join the gym for months. The lady gave me a form to fill in my personal details and showed me around the gym facilities that they provided. Then we were back to the seat and she started to explain the membership fee to me. Yup, she offered very affordable price and nothing wrong with it. It just that I need time to consider about it .

Her first reaction was WHAT?! This is the best offer and you rejected it. Nah She didn't said that, she asked why instead. I tried to explain like I am having budget constraint at the moment. Anyway, the only intention I came to this gym for the sake of checking out the prices! So she thought that maybe she could discuss this issue with her boss and check whether she could offer another deal according to my "special" circumstances.

So the boss offered another deal to me and I rejected again by saying I NEED TIME TO THINK about it. Suddenly the boss came out and saw us were in discussion. He was trying to explain what was wrong with the deal. At that time, I was feeling so uncomfortable and tempted to get away this situation. Both of them were staring at me and non-stop promoting or asking me why not signing up the gym by TODAY! I tried to tell him that I won't be signing up until I made a decision and he just said :  Are you signing up tomorrow? *didn't he sounds pushy to you?*


After few minutes of struggling to convince me to sign up today, they gave up and will be calling me on Monday. Pheww! I'd make sure that I won't be answering the phone call. Gosh, sometimes they just promote it too harshly and I would never ever want to go back again. They were gone way too far to sell the product and it annoyed me a lots.

Have anyone of you encountered anything like that before?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What was happened

Before stepping away month of September, please allow me update what has been going on with me on previous months!

Month of August has been really awful to me. Phase of searching/applying a job and less working hours given which led me almost ran out of money in bank account. I had not too stress about it but till someday.. I was fined by a ticket inspector. I wasn't avoiding not to pay the transport fee. I was just being naive of imaging that I could validate my myki at the train station, why do I still need to validate it on the tram? So I thought it will be okay without validate the card when I was on the tram AND I have totally forgotten about it too. How lucky of me being first time ever received a fine especially when I had budget constraint.

Few days later, I received an urgent call from my mum who asking me to come back home. Due to my grandma's illness and she was in critical condition, I was advised to go back home as soon as possible. Booked the flight and flew on next morning. Before heading to airport on next morning, I received a call from my housemate as she found out that I will be leaving soon. Guess what? She was informing me that I have to move out by end of august. She was no longer interested to rent the whole house anymore  and planning to return China for good. I was doomed by that time. I couldn't be bother to face this issue at that moment. All I have to focus on heading back to KL and visit my grandma.

I was glad that I managed to see my grandma for the last time before she passed away on day four. Funeral service held for three days and the hardest moment was the last day of sending her away. May she rest in peace.

Back to Melbourne after two weeks in KL. Booked 5 appointments for room inspection on next day *thanks to gumtree*. Can't deny I started feeling so stress about I might not able to move out by end of the week and I have no where to stay! For the last room inspection at 7pm, I knew that I had to take this room! The fact that I so sick of inspecting rooms and this is the best I could found within my budget.

You never know what's happened next. 

The lady that I'm currently staying with, she introduced me to a doctor and I've finally got the job offer! At that point, I was like wow.. everything happened for a reason ! It might just meant to be that way.

What happened on last month - It was just a challenge that I need to face it after I have finished my study. No matter what's going to happen next, I believe that it just takes time to work on it and everything gonna be alright.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The High Tea Session

 photo IMG_1850_zps5156b680.jpg  photo IMG_1860_zpsa6491983.jpg  photo IMG_1862_zps018c838d.jpg
Probably my first time posted such a close self-shot.
Taken while waiting for my friends were queue-ing to pay for the items at Lululemon Warehouse Sale. 

  photo IMG_1863_zpsa9b74047.jpg  photo IMG_1871_zps3474c550.jpg

We had long discussion in arranging each other time schedule in order to book a high tea session at Moo Moo Cafe. We purchased the voucher from Livingsocial (if I'm not mistaken). The cons of buying a voucher is you have to make a booking in advance one/two weeks and limited booking days option available. Anyway, we spent $14.50 per person instead of $29. I would say it's pretty worth it despite the food wasn't that impressive to me. Especially, this was my first time having high tea session with my girls. Yet, I still don't get it why people would spend like hundred dollar for it.

 photo IMG_1880_zps5496f4df.jpg 

 photo IMG_1891_zpsf2cc7946.jpg  photo IMG_1893_zps281d9e47.jpg

Scones, Sandwiches, Pie were tasted ordinary. The slice of orange coated with chocolate wasn't edible, it wasn't chewy nor crunchy. Maybe rocky road taste the best for me compare other pastries in the menu? Macarons were crunchy instead of chewy. My friend weren't liking it and barely finish the one small piece of it! Not to forget mentioning the tea, it was just alright? ordinary? Nothing much I can tell.  (you know what I mean). I think the atmosphere is what we enjoyed the most - quiet and relaxing.

Girls session - we can't missed out the photo-taking session! This may the last time we hanged out together as a group of four in Melbourne. Andrina is going back to Singapore for good and not too long, Kelly is going back to Taiwan for good as well ! I'm gonna miss them lots.

   photo IMG_1901_zpsf5702db8.jpg  photo IMG_1915_zps8c8b2f12.jpg  photo IMG_1918_zps044d2344.jpg  photo IMG_1936l_zps0bd57cca.jpg  photo IMG_1940_zps80e50ef2.jpg  photo IMG_1941_zps73c47f93.jpg  photo IMG_1944_zps21765af5.jpg  photo IMG_1954_zps9ff303cb.jpg  photo mmexport1378543955526_zpsa2858c6c.jpg 

Apparently, we tried on the purple hat from Kelly and snapped a photo with it. Wondering, who suits the best by wearing that hat? 

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lululemon Atheletica - Melbourne Warehouse Sales 2013 !

If anyone is interested in buying comfortable and nice workout clothing, you'd probably heard of this brand - Lulelemon ! Now they are having warehouse sales at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It will be held from 5th September till 8th September.

 photo IMG_1844_zps8eb9e679.jpg

Thanks to my friend, I had never heard of this brand till she introduced it to me. Apparently, she mentioned that wearing pretty gym outfit will motivate her to work out even more! She always check out this brand whenever they are having discounts in the store. How could possible that she will missed this out?!

 photo IMG_1847_zps119c77b8.jpg
 photo IMG_1842_zpsd9d5d2d1.jpg

At the moment, I'm not too keen in buying any workout outfits yet. Instead of shopping in the warehouse, I spent my time to enjoy free cup of skinny latte and massage. Yup, it's all free! Just chillax...

 photo 20130906_123221_zps23dc11f0.jpg

 photo 20130906_123445_zps4cf5ad27.jpg

 photo 20130906_123230_zps7bec9b70.jpg  

I would advise that if you are heading to this warehouse sales, better go there in early time. The queue was getting longer in later hours. Oh, make sure you don't missed out the photobooth too!  They were really nice to giving out each printed photo to us as well.

 photo 9632pip_9632_0083_zps0c69de57.jpg

 I was trying to act funny but FAILED.
   photo 20130906_122950_zpsf454056c.jpg  photo 20130906_130818_zpsa46476b9.jpg 

 I love how they organized some activities to engage with the customers instead of just selling the products. From this upper photo, they were doing cross-fit with hundred of people!

 photo 20130906_125414_zps2080912d.jpg

Despite I didn't buy anything from there, but I had good time. Hope you guys too =) Have a good weekend.