Saturday, July 26, 2014

Massive Wieners @ Chapel St, Prahran


DC was asking me the other night : "What would you like to have for dinner?"

I answered : "Let's have massive wieners!".

He just laughed.

A wiener is another word of hot dog.


Massive Wieners specialises in foot-long hot dogs, fries and shakes.

In fact, the unique character in the shop has caught my attention and that's the reason why I visited them in the first place.


Massive Wieners is home of the world's longest wiener, 25 inches of hot dog. There was a 5 minute challenge of eating 25 inch hot dog aka "Super Colossal Wiener".


On the right side of the shop, there are hundreds of people in polaroids featuring on the wall with its recorded time. It is referred to as the "Wall of Shame", as they did not finish it on time. I saw couple of people were so closed to win the title! One was like 5:00:6!


On the left side, you will see the "Wall of Fame". One of them has time recorded of 5:00:0. That was really just on time! Finishing 25 inches of massive wiener in 5 mins or less, are you up to this challenge?!


We have ordered 12-inch classic "massive wieners" which cost $7.00 and 6-inch "average joe" which cost $5.50. All served with ketchup, american mustard, diced onion and cheese. Then, you can choose from classic, kraut, pickle and chilli cheese. This place also caters for vegetarians as they can be made veggie style for the same price! I would say there is nothing fancy in their menu, it just really simple. Sometimes, less is more.

I think I like the pickle the most. It has more flavours than the classic. Somehow, the bun wasn't my favourite as I found it dry and tough for my liking. The hot dog was okay, the taste does not have a strong impact though. Overall, I think it's worth a try and they have set the price affordable to everyone. Something for a quick bite.


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