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Let's Bounce!

November 16, 2013 

If any kids or any one of you enjoy jumping around, I think you will have fun at Bounce Inc! I may underestimated that how jumping can be difficult. The moment I stepped into the trampoline, I barely balance myself well and fell over. Luckily, it wasn't hard landing. Bounce offers 50 interconnected trampolines and giant air bags with slam-dunk arenas, wall-running and dodgeball courts rolled in. Speaking of massive indoor adrenaline rush for all ages. If any kids above 3 years old plus and under 110cm in heigh, they do have minibounce.

Also, I wish I could the one who capable to jump high or doing freestyle gymnastics as I seen a lot of people doing it. Especially those who know the trick of walking on the wall?! On the next day, I can feel my muscle cramp after work out for an hour at Bounce Inc. One session cost $16 during on peak, while for off peak (Monday till Friday from 10am - 4pm) it cost $11. Save 5 dollars! It will great if go with a group, it's cheaper and more fun especially playing dodge ball while bouncing.



Every section has its own limited time and maximum people who can fit it. This is to avoid overcrowded and for safety purpose.  Basically you have own trampoline and have fun as much as you can. =) To maximum your time here, perhaps going off peak will be good idea to avoid lining up and taking turn.

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