Thursday, September 4, 2014

#Throwback Monash Campus - Roberts Hall

Thinking of the past, I rarely post any photos about my university life. I am thinking that maybe I should start posting "throwback" photos! Feel like the photos I've taken might be wasted if no one looking at it.  If any students who interested on campus accommodation, you can refer to the previous post about Normanby House and Old Deakin House. Hope it helps!

However, I never stayed at Richardson Hall before. I only have the limited photos and information here. At least you could have a glimpse of Monash on-campus accommodation looks like =)


The dining room


Laundry which free for use and dryer is provided.

P9260026 P9260024

The common areas including large screen TV projector room and games room.

P9260029 P9260030


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