Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taiwan Cafe @ Swanston St, CBD

Taiwan cafe is a place where you have a quick meal. Even though it has been open for years, I never intend to try out their food till today. It was a disappointment and I regretted spending $9.50 for this beef brisket noodles. Luckily I didn't add an extra boiled egg which would have cost me $1 on top of it.


It was served less than 5 minutes after they took my order! Jeez, that was unexpected and I was wondering that is this a fast food restaurant?! I gotta take a close up shot of the meat because there are only 5 tiny slices of beef brisket. The whole bowl contains 90% of noodle, 5% of meat and 5% of bakchoy. The soup lacks of flavour and too much oil on it.

Big disappointment for my first visit!

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