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Prahran Market Tour

On 4th October, I won a double pass for Prahran's Market Tour through twitter. Without this market tour, little we know much about it. Check out their twitter for latest updates and coming up events too!

Throughout this tour, I have learnt so much about the food especially the hidden gems. I always look at the same types of food, sometimes I struggle to look for the ingredients that I want. But, now I see new things that I wasn't aware of in the past and information is on my hand. I can easily shop as I know where to find the local ingredients at the stall.


Thank you Giovanni for showing us around the market and introducing the stall holders. I had a wonderful time especially the tasting food session and getting to know more about their products.

Occasionally, they will have demonstration at the Blanco's Kitchen. Upcoming this saturday on 8th November, Benjamin Cooper from Chin Chin is going to cook in this kitchen! I have marked this down in my calendar.

Tea sources from different countries. I always think that teas can be a nice gift for anyone. Well, if you are not a tea person, you can also find coffee beans in the market too. 

What a great start in the morning with refreshing tea. 

Damian Pike Wildmushroom Specialist

One of my favourite stalls. Varieties of mushroom can be found and they do sourcing seasonal unusual items. You may check out Damian's hint's and tips on truffle here

Can we eat the raw asparagus? YES! I didn't know that until Giovanni gave it to us for a try. Oh my, this is so fresh and basically we can just eat it as a snack or add it to the salad. The size of asparagus is double as we normally seen in the supermarket.


Finger lime can be found in the stall. The fruit native to to Australia.


Different types of potatoes.


Jasper Coffee

Free tasting coffee of the day.

I am impressed that we can find homemade dim sum in the meat stall. I tried the duck dim sums and it was delicious! $6.50 for a dozen of dim sums, it is affordable. Recommend to try out their marinated sausages too.

Anyone interested to gain more knowledge about meat and organic, Hagens Organic Butcher offers "hand on class" which limited to 8 people per class. If you have any special request, you can speak with them. In addition, if you can't come in to the shop, they also offer delivery service!

53 Degrees East which sell nuts, dried fruits and spices.
Tips: You can find imported saffron which is more cheaper and more fragrant.

Sweet Greek

The new style of Turkish Delights.
When DC tried it, he said that's amazing. When next customers tried it, she said that's amazing.
I'm not a fan of turkish delight but this is so addictive!

Abla's Patisserie

Anatolian Gozleme Kitchen. 
For all things Turkish includes golzeme, borek, cabbage rolls, stuffed eggplant, peppers, perfect for take-away dinners, eat-in lunches or a light snack. 

To coffee lovers, check out their coffee cheese/Bellavitano Expresso. It taste really good.

Hammer Hall where you can find the food stalls for breakfast and lunch.

One of the highlights - The Mussel Pot.
They cook the fresh mussels once they receive your order. Hence, allow to wait for at least ten minutes.  It's available to eat onsite or take way. The menu will change according to the seasons.

The owners of Mussel Pots.

I was requesting a spoon when my order is ready, I wasn't sure if he was joking that use the shell of the mussel as a spoon. I tried it and surprisingly, it works well! 

Chilli Cream Coconut mussels. Best for winter season.
I wasn't sure if the soup meant for drink, but I almost finished it.

Mussel Pot on Urbanspoon

Pop Up Street Food Market, open from Thursday till Sundays.
Different cuisines yet to be discovered - Malaysian, Hungarian, Spanish, Argentina, Mexican and Melbourne's first porridge bar.

Highly recommend to try out their beef rendang from Taste of Malaysia. It was spicy and fragrance, just the way I like it and taste pretty authentic.

Taste of Malaysia on Urbanspoon

Glad that I went for the market tour. Compared to previous post (link), I barely knew anything about this market. In fact, it is one of the oldest market in Australia and they are celebrating 150 years of  history! For photographers, you can have chance to win the prize of cash $1000 by joining the competitions.

On 6th & 7th December 2014, there are few activities like free vintage pop up photo booth and giveaway voucher! For more information about events in Prahran Market, click here.

Normal Trading Hour

Monday and Wednesday: Closed
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: 7am - 5pm
Friday: 7am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Hope everyone enjoy visiting market like I do!

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