Saturday, November 1, 2014

Short review for restaurants in Malvern

Malvern where the place I often visit. Seeing some restaurants were closed down and new ones are coming up. I am looking forward to what will the new cafes/restaurants offer. Here are some reviews about the restaurants in Malvern.

Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant
222, Glenferrie Road, 
Malvern, 3144. 

Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I've been here once only and didn't return anymore. I find that the menu is less interesting. I ordered BBQ Beef with rice for $8.50 as lunch special. I couldn't remember how was the taste.



Mama Papa
253 Glenferrie Road, 
Malvern 3144.

Mama Papa on Urbanspoon

IMG_0203 IMG_0206

Mama papa has a good ambiance and nice atmosphere. I ordered Pad Thai which it wasn't too oily.



1235 High Street,

Giorgios on Urbanspoon


Chicken Parmigiana $26.90

Organic chicken breast Panko crumbed, topped with homemade Napoli sauce, mozzarella cheese served with chips.

I think the food is overpriced here. They offers variety of dishes but I'm not interested to dine in anymore. Not the best chicken parmigiana I had, less than average bolognese spaghetti I had.


This was taken on last year Christmas at City of Stonnington's town hall. How quick that next two months will be Christmas!

IMG_0408 IMG_0407 IMG_0406


  1. love the big pics. But why did you hate the parma and the bol?

    1. Thanks for comment, Sally! Both dishes were bland to me. It just not the best dishes there. Maybe I could give another try as my friend recommended the lamb pasta. =)

  2. Hi, good food pics there! Did you give La Via a go (just opposite mama papa?)

    1. Thank you! I haven't been there before, Have you tried their food before? Any good recommendation that I should try it out when I have a chance? =)