Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Village Festival 2014

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Have anyone heard of Village Festival yet? Neither do I.

The festival was recommended by friend of DC. I took her suggestion and went to the festival on last Sunday (2nd November 2014). As I haven't been to Edinburgh Gardens before, it will be nice to have a walk around and check out the local market too.

The entry is free as it run by a professional artist or non-professionals - teams of volunteers, students and keen amateurs.Couple of stall holders were offering us to use any of their tools to do arts. It can been seen that The Village provide artistic support!

It was surprised when I saw a series of decorated caravans,  tents and caravans. It gathers magicians, musicians, theatre mavericks, visual artists, cooks and circus deviants. What a steal that we can get a session pass for only $10! It includes six hours of unlimited shows or $25 for the whole four days! Unfortunately, we were too late for the shows and all ended in the mid-afternoon. I was curious the cook where the stall built with bamboo and tins. Wondering what he was making with the coconut shells but I was too afraid to ask him. Just me, haha!

If you are interested to find more information, link here.

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  1. what a cute festival, and how awesome it is for free! you took great pictures. thanks for visiting my blog :) keep in touch!

  2. I have never heard of Village Festival but from the photos it looks lovely.

    rae of love from berlin