Monday, January 6, 2014

What I ate in Adelaide in a day.

If you have read my previous post about the train ride from Melbourne to Adelaide, I have mentioned that I was totally out of clue on what to do and what to eat in Adelaide. Thanks to The Hungry Excavator post about where to go in Adelaide, it helps me to look for good food in a shortcut way. Sushi train is one of the shops that highly recommended and he mentioned :

" Could NEVER leave Adelaide without buying takeaway from Sushi Train to eat at the airport.
So delicious. A tradition that must not be broken. "
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Unagi sushi roll 

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 Green Tea Cola, anyone tried this before? Me never!
Ramune is the japanese lemonade. I still prefer green tea cola.  Heh!

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Quail Egg sushi- Not fancy about this.

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The specialty sauce - the only and one in sushi train. 
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Karage roll - very crispy and second best compared the rest that I've ordered.

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The best dish - SOFT SHELL CRAB UDON !!
When I was going to leave Adelaide, I was so tempted to take away soft shell crab udon (it was just next to our hotel) but I was quite full from drinking green tea milkshake by that time. While waiting an hour for the next flight in the airport, I was craving for this udon. Feeling so regret for not having it before I left. Now my mission is to find the soft shell crab udon in Melbourne! $12.50 for one bowl of it and 4 soft shell crabs, I would say it is an affordable dish!

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Chinatown-Central Market

Dessert @ Mother's Crepe Dessert House 

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We walked to Central Markets afterward. Feel strange while walking to the Chinatown. Many shops were closed on Saturday and less than 10 people were walking on the streets. Compared to Melbourne, the street of Chinatown is always bustling with people. Had Matcha green tea and Chocolate banana. The portion itself was quite big and it was very fulfilling. Taste creamy, a bit lack of sweetness, and overall, it was okay. Not something that I would go for twice though.


Like an old school diner. Located at the central market itself.

Supposed looking forward to have breakfast at Argo but it was closed on weekend. (Told you that I did not plan anything at all for this trip.) Unintentionally found this breakfast place and I really enjoyed the meals.

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His dish - Mushrooms in our basil pesto on fat toast
Big portion, big fat mushroom and it was delicious!

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Pulled pork, mushy peas and mint/dill/rocket salad poached eggs. 
With the hint of mints, I don't taste this dish as greasy breakfast. Fresh salad and the toast with mushy peas, it's all perfectly matched well.

Oh wait, you might thought I have skipped lunch. No, I didn't. It just that the lunch wasn't impressive at all. We had burger in food court of Rundle Mall, but it was really bad and it's not worth mentioning.

Friend of mine recommended A Mother's Milk. Unfortunately, I only had a day in Adelaide which I could only have one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner. Guess, I will save it for next trip to Adelaide!

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