Sunday, November 30, 2014

Melbourne Noodle Night Markets

The long-waited night noodle markets has finally open! This year, they are back for bigger in brand new location at Birrarung Marr (nearby federation square). There are three areas where you can find varieties of food stalls. I really enjoy going to markets especially when comes to food. Although the price of the food may slightly steep, but it's a nice experience to experience the vibe of huge outdoor festival.


Here are some tips if going to the #nightnoodlemarkets:

  • CASH ONLY - Make sure you bring enough cash to avoid the queue for ATM machines. There are ATM machines in the market but it's better to save your time and queue for food. I would say minimum spending $20 per person (a meal and a dessert). 
  • Arrive EARLY - some may not like crowded places but interested to try out the food. My advice is arrive at the opening time. I went there for four times (yes, no kidding!). From my experience, I went there at 4pm and there wasn't any crowd at all. No waiting time for queue and quickly order food in few seconds!
  • Bring your own water bottle - There is water station for water refill if needed. 
  • Picnic Rug - It will be nice to bring your own picnic rug if you couldn't find any seats. 
  • Last but not least, enjoy the food and drinks!  
IMG_6132 IMG_6138 IMG_6151 IMG_6157

Less crowded and quite empty around 4.30pm.

IMG_6156 IMG_6236

When comes to 6pm, the tables are almost fully occupied!

IMG_6372 IMG_6145 IMG_6243

Ice Lemon Mint Tea (if I remember correctly, there is ginger too) - $5.
It was refreshing and not too sweet.


Soft Shell Crab Burger from Hammer and Tong ($14) 
Glad that they didn't marked up the price and remains the same as what they offer in the cafe. One of dishes that worth to try in markets. I always feel that one burger is not enough but I would like to have two instead! Good portion of juicy crab, light and soft brioche and mayo coleslaw are well combination of the burger.

Hammer & Tong on Urbanspoon


Custard Bun ($5) and Twice Pork Belly Gua Bao ($7) from WonderBao.
The bun is soft and light. However, it slightly overpriced to me.

Wonderbao on Urbanspoon


Chicken Biriyani form Himalayan Serpa ($10)
Still looking for something else? Try out their rice and you feel full afterward. Taste average though.


Ramen Burger from Kokoro Ramen ($10) 
It's interesting to see something different as I never try ramen burger before. But the dish was a let down. Wasn't sure what to expect this dish but the flavour wasn't right to me. Strong pepper flavour, oversized grated cheese, and chewy ramen. But I do like the teriyaki chicken.

Kokoro Ramen on Urbanspoon

IMG_6268 IMG_6261 IMG_6278 IMG_6373

Chilli caramel pork doughnuts with plum dipping sauce ($2.50) from Fred and Ginger
It's very a small size of doughnuts but worth a try!


Crispy Prawn with wasabi sauce, fresh lettuce and sesame ($7)
My friend ordered this and she said taste alright.


Miyagi Fried Chicken ($10) 
One of the popular newcomers - Mr Miyagi. After hearing the hype about their fried chicken, I have to return to the market and tried out their fried chicken. It certainly lived up to the hype! It is crispy and well marinated chicken. Mr. Miyagi on Urbanspoon

IMG_6282 IMG_6281

Nothing new to know that I'm a fan of gelato messina as I posted a few photos of their ice cream in my instagram and twitter. I went there at 4pm, there is no queue at all. But when I arrived there at 7pm, I queued for at least half an hour for the ice cream. Still, WORTH THE WAIT! One of the best ice cream I ever tasted.


Street Hawker ($9) 
Lime & chocolate brownie, peanut gelato, coconut & caramel jam, fortune cookies clusters and peanut cookie.

$9 for three scopes of gelato, base (brownies, sponge cake..), biscuits and top with mousse or cream. This is the real deal!


Bangkok Holla ($9)
Kaffir lime sponge, pandan & coconut sorbet, pineapple & lemongrass mousse, chilli coconut cookie.
This is my top favourite compared the others.


Phuc King Tasty ($9) 
Cinnamon scroll, coffee gelato, condensed milk pannacotta, walnut crunch and asian spiced cookie.


Happy Taste Bud Time ($9)
Lychee sponge, mango puree, rambutan & coconut gelato, whipped salted coconut cream and coconut macaron.

Gelato Messina is one of the main reasons why I visited markets for four times! Haha I have aimed to try all the flavours in the menu. Mission completed!

Gelato Messina Fitzroy on Urbanspoon

IMG_6293 IMG_6306 IMG_6310 IMG_6317

Today is the last day of Night Noodle Markets. Anyone who is going to the market, hope you find the tips are helpful and enjoy the authentic Asian hawker markets. More information about the markets, link here. Also, feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what's your favourite dish in the market!

Till then, 
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Village Festival 2014

IMG_2899 IMG_2895 IMG_2900 IMG_2902 IMG_2908 IMG_2911 IMG_2910 IMG_2905 IMG_2899 IMG_2915 IMG_2907 IMG_2926 IMG_2929 IMG_2921 IMG_2917 IMG_2913 IMG_2920 IMG_2924 IMG_2930

Have anyone heard of Village Festival yet? Neither do I.

The festival was recommended by friend of DC. I took her suggestion and went to the festival on last Sunday (2nd November 2014). As I haven't been to Edinburgh Gardens before, it will be nice to have a walk around and check out the local market too.

The entry is free as it run by a professional artist or non-professionals - teams of volunteers, students and keen amateurs.Couple of stall holders were offering us to use any of their tools to do arts. It can been seen that The Village provide artistic support!

It was surprised when I saw a series of decorated caravans,  tents and caravans. It gathers magicians, musicians, theatre mavericks, visual artists, cooks and circus deviants. What a steal that we can get a session pass for only $10! It includes six hours of unlimited shows or $25 for the whole four days! Unfortunately, we were too late for the shows and all ended in the mid-afternoon. I was curious the cook where the stall built with bamboo and tins. Wondering what he was making with the coconut shells but I was too afraid to ask him. Just me, haha!

If you are interested to find more information, link here.

Till then,
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