Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cheap Eat #1 : N.Lee Bakery Cafe

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Takeaway Pork Meatball Banh Mi - $6.50

Few months ago, I have started to work in South Melbourne and so far, I'm loving it! During lunch break, I enjoy going to the market and trying out different food in this particular area.

Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwiches at N.Lee Bakery Cafe is one of the highly recommendation by my colleagues. The price of the food definitely under my cheap eat list.

I ordered Pork Meatball and it cost $6.50. Their price range is between $4 - $10, depending on what you order. I don't think I can find any better deal of Banh Mi in South Melbourne.The bread is crispy, meatball is overall juicy and I enjoy having the fresh salad which make the whole meal pleasant. Feel free to request for chilli if you like some kick of spiciness.

Knowing that when comes to 1pm, there could be a queue for it. I tend to grab my takeaway lunch after the peak hour of lunch time. Despite they make it to order, the waiting time wasn't that bad, less than 10minutes.

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