Tuesday, February 10, 2015

South Melbourne Market Tour

This post has been sitting in my draft for more than year. My apologies!
Recently, I have started to work in South Melbourne and i'm loving this place even more. I always go to South Melbourne market during my lunch break. Somehow, I still haven't got the chance to try out all the food in the market yet! Feel free to let me know if you have any favourite food from this market so that I can try it out =)

What's great about local market, it is not only fresh food, cheaper price of ingredients, but also supporting the local producers. Throughout this market tour, I found out that how much little I knew about specialties here as we tend to buy from the same shop. Time to explore around the market!

IMG_2809 IMG_2807

An apple a day keeps doctor away

IMG_2792 IMG_2745

First stop at Brown Bar. I'm also surprised to find out that lately a new nail shop has opened. Oh wait, they also have hair saloon too! What else can we ask for, ladies and gentlemen?


Next stop was SOME:Space where great design, fashion and creativity come together. It is featuring some of the innovative young designers selling handcrafted and unique fashion items. Some pop up shops are just temporarily, hence it's good to explore once a while as you'll find something new.

IMG_2746 IMG_2750 IMG_2757

Loving the shoes designs from Lost in Seasons.

IMG_2751 IMG_2753

Then, we headed to The Australia Natural Soap Company. All soaps are natural, biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free and paraben free. Instead of buying the whole bar, you may purchase tester bars. Don't you think the tiny bar look like cheese on the plater. Heh!



Alternatively, the Soap Shop which sells premium bulk cleaning products for kitchen and bathroom that are environmental friendly and particularly a good solution for anyone who have sensitive skin. BYO containers are encouraged.

IMG_2765 IMG_2824

We also had wine tasting at The Little Wine shop that offers wide selection of Australian and imported wine from around the world.


Range of products including oils, olives and vinegar can be found at Kalaparee Olives.


My go-to-breakfast or quick lunch: French Crepe at Pardon my French 
Pardon My French Creperie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Everyone's first stop in the market - Padre Coffee. 


Coffee before starting our food tour. 

IMG_2813 IMG_2770

Fresh oysters from Aptus Seafood.


I couldn't remember specifically these cheese from which Deli. There are plenty of options for Deli and can check out for more information, link here.


The bloggers.


Thank you Alka Polish Deli for the generous tasting plate of specialty hams and sausages!


Georgie's Harvest is one of my favourite shops. There are variety of potatoes, pumpkins, yams, log grown mushroom, and mostly local grown products their aim is to support local farmers. Interesting fact is, most of the wasabi that we had is artificial but they have the original wasabi which is hard to find in anywhere else


I seldom eat raw mushroom but these are exceptional. It taste fresh and sweet.


Find your healthy ingredients at Rita's Coffee and Nuts. Last two weeks ago, I brought my cousin to this shop and purchased all the nuts she wanted so that she can bring it back to Gippsland. From dried fruit, grains, quinoa, gourmet chocolate and of course go Nuts!

IMG_2791 IMG_2827

 A special thanks to Nuffnang and South Melbourne for organising the market tour. Of course, thank you Janet who is a fantastic guide tour and I learnt so much from her. As usual, I will go to the market every now and days. You might also want to check out their night market during this summer, every Thursday night form 15 January - 5 March.

Opening hours: 

Wednesday 8am - 4pm 
Friday 8am - 5pm 
Saturday 8am - 4pm 
Sunday 8am - 4pm 

Address: 322 - 326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, 3205 Victoria. 
For more information about South Melbourne Market: link here. 

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