Thursday, May 14, 2015

Private Dining at Locanda #zomatomeetup


On Wednesday night, I was invited to attend #zomatomeetup at Locanda Private Dining. It was indeed a great night. It was a good excuse to meet local food bloggers and of course, try out new food at one of Melbourne's exclusive Italian restaurants. No regrets. 


Starting with champagne and expresso martini 


Beverage menu: champagne, white wine, red wine, beer and cider.


Let's begin with the entrées


Selection of freshly shucked oyster: natural, guava granita and baby watercress


Salt and pepper crusted calamari, aioli and lemon wedge


Duo of bruschetta: Spicy tomato with chilli and avocado with bocconcini  

IMG_3736-2 IMG_3737-3 IMG_3758-1


Corn fed duck leg, baby asparagus, wild rocket, roasted pear and walnut vinaigrette



O-M-G! First time seeing a whole suckling pig served in Melbourne.


Slow cooked free range suckling, pink salt, garlic, rosemary and olive oil 
Standing Black Angus Ribeye 
Pan seared Atlantic Salmon


Classic Locando pasta - Chef's selection 


 Crunchy fries, parmesan, truffle salt
Roasted vegetables, pumpkin, parsnip, carrots, garlic, olive oil 
Green beans, butter beans, spring peas, roasted hazelnuts
Chicken drumsticks 
Rocket salad


The beef ribeye was a perfect medium rare and the sear was beautiful. On top with it, served with red wine jus. While the flavour for pork was great, tender and juicy. I also enjoyed the salmon which was moist, delicious and cooked to perfection. I wanted to have a second plate of everything but...

Definitely leave some room for desserts though!


Freshly cut seasonal fruit


Victorian cheese board

IMG_3774-1 IMG_3761-1

Chocolate flourless sponge, dark cherry compote and chantily cream


Raspberry and kirsch cream, jaconde almond sponge cake


Chef's selection of gourmet desserts

I SERIOUSLY wish I could have more room to try out all desserts. Maybe next time?

IMG_3786-1 IMG_3784-1

All the food was served at the Locanda Deli which has a large Italian marble share table and overhanging glass chandelier. To combine Locanda dining room and this deli, it can fit 74 guest or up to 110 guests for cocktail party.

Great food and wonderful people, what else can I ask for more? We were spoilt with an enormous selection of food - beef, chicken, duck, pork, seafood and more!

For more information about Locanda:

Locanda Private Dining 
186 Exhibition Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000.



What an ideal thank you gift. This is exactly what I'm planning to have for my upcoming new home. 

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  Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post and purely based on my experience. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Future Music Festival 2015

IMG_9192E IMG_9167E IMG_9194

IMG_9175 IMG_9195 IMG_9214 collage.2 IMG_9209 IMG_9218

In March 2015, I worked at Future Music Festival for a day. It was awesome especially this time I managed to dance a bit during my lunch break with a stranger. We just met through work and that's it.  I'm not sure what should I refer to this, but anyway it's good that I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. The weather was perfect, neither too cold nor too hot. Managed to take few videos on that day too. 

Finished work around 9pm and met up with DC for dinner. Sunday night, thinking hard where to eat especially most of the restaurants closed around 10pm. Okay, let's have Kebab and it was so good that we shall have it again.