Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Falls Creek Day 1.2 | 2014

Hola! Bye winter and Hi Spring! Wait.. let me throwback the photos back on August 17, 2014. #ops

Joined a group of friends to Falls Creek on last year August. It was a nice trip since I have not been travelling for a very long time.

We departed around 7pm as everyone had just finished work.

At 1.30am, we were trying to find one petrol station before heading to the mountain. When we realised that all the petrol stations were closed, we were freaked out that we may not able to make it to Falls Creek. Fortunately, a friendly staff who worked at the bar contacted the person while he was still in the middle of sleep. Glad he came out and helped us to open the petrol station!

Couldn't imagine if ten people have to stay over in a small bus!

Safely arrived the accommodation at 3.45am.

This is my first time ever been to snow mountain. I was over the moon and so excited!
Though I have been living in Melbourne for more than 5 years, somehow I haven't got the chance to do snow trip. Main reason is - it can cost a lot of money!

Getting ready for snowboarding. 

We stayed at Halleys Lodge and the location of the accommodation is very close to the main ski entrance. Less than 10 minutes walk, and accessible to any shops or cafes. I couldn't remember how much we paid but the price includes meals - breakfast and dinner. The room though, it was small as expected. It's a backpacker room anyway.

Food was decent and surprisingly dessert was served too! 

For the cost of this trip, I have paid around AUD800-900 for two days two nights. It included accommodation, ride, gears, and food. I didn't bought any snow gears, so I spent most of the money in renting all of them - waterproof jacket and pants ($56), snowboard ($81), boots and helmets, and 2 days lift passes ($144).

Friend of mine suggested snowboarding is easier than skiing. I think I have listened to the wrong advice! I almost gave up on learning it even though two free lessons were provided. Managed to pull it off in the end and I actually did it without falling down. Woohoo! More pictures on Fall Creeks  2.3 =)

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