Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Falls Creek 2.3 | 2014

Second day of snow trip was wonderful. It was snowing and that was my first ever, seeing the snow. Well we did gave up on trying to excel the skill of snowboarding. Muscle ache like nobody throughout the night despite I had medicine to reduce the pain. Nevertheless, no regret on doing it!

Here's the only cafeteria or rest place when we were top of the mountain. The food indeed was pricey but I guess we have no choice to avoid it. Unless you bring your own meals and pay for the locker to store your stuffs. 

I'm lucky to be here for the first time while managed to see the snow flakes!

 Here's the video to sum up the whole trip. =) and don't forget to check out Day 1.2 of Falls Creek here about accommodation and the cost of this trip. 

Till then,
Little Bits of Now