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Cookie @ Curtin House

So I have visited Cookie twice - November 7th and December 14th, 2015.

Easy to discover the Cookie restaurant - it's located at Curtin House, Swanston Street (Melbourne CBD).

Huge selections for dishes from small, medium and large dishes.

There are separate lists for cocktails, beer and wine. Each list contains at least 5 pages and I'm pretty sure you can find something you like over there. However, if you are looking for Thai Milk Tea in this Thai restaurant, sorry to disappoint but they don't have it in the menu. I did asked as I was craving for it. =(

Price wise is above average $15.

The first visit was walked in without booking - thus we were sat at the bar area. No restaurant service, ordered and paid at the counter. Great for a group of friends if everyone prefer pay individually for food and drinks.

Second visit was at restaurant area.

As I done my booking via their website - link here.
Avoid calling them as I have tried multiple times and no one would pick up the call. Except 1 out of 10 calls.  The reason why I was trying to call them because I left a comment for online booking. Somehow, they ignored it. I was trying to figure out if they serve any special dessert for my birthday partner.

Quick tips if any one keen to BYO birthday cake - there is surcharge per person. $3.00 - $5.00 per person, you may need to clarify with the staff for the exact price as I couldn't remember it.


 Coconut Rice - that was one serve and huge portion! It cost $5.00. However, for my second visit, they have reduced it to half portion. Not sure why though.

Penang lamb & eggplant curry - $29.00

Love it. Great flavours and lamb perfectly cooked well.

Grilled chicken maryland marinated in galangal, ginger & coriander with saled egg salad. - $32.50

It was so tender and the sauce was really yummy. I'd definitely come back for this dish. 

Tapioca & sweet corn pudding with mango ice cream - $11.50

We were satisfied with all the dishes but feel disappointed when comes to the end of dinner. As they ran out of taro ice cream, without informing us, they replaced it with mango ice cream instead.

I asked the staff but they were clueless and no one has realized the taro ice creams ran out. Hence, they took our dessert and passed it to a random customer for FREE while charging us. They did replaced us with other dessert though. I would say the mango ice cream was good and the sago were cooked well. 

Despite the dessert part has let us down, but we were really happy about the food. Hence I made a booking for second visit to celebrate my partner's birthday with his friends.

"Second Visit" 

Soft shell crab with garlic & pepper + fish broth - $32.50

Any soft shell crab lovers, go for this dish! We got plenty of meat from the crab. 

Beef balls, brisket, chinese broccoli & noodle soup - $25.50

Friend of mine was not a fan of this soup. But the meat was great. 

Sour pork belly salad with ginger, peanuts & curried rice balla - $25.50

Rice Balls  - yums. but I think "sour pork belly" in the menu was a misleading dish to me. I would expect a slice of pork belly instead of pork mince and it has a flattering flavour. There are plenty of options in the menu, no doubt I will not order this for next visit. 

 Green curry with chicken and corn dumplings - $27.00

Curry was great - Never go wrong with curry here as we ordered twice.

Great atmosphere, laid back environment, and perfectly for diners who enjoy drinking.

Third visit? Maybe yes and maybe no. I have a mixed feelings for this one. Although both visit have inconsistency of staff services, it hasn't completely turn me off yet. Worth a try but don't expect that this will be the authentic thai restaurant.

Cookie House 

252 Swanston St, 
Melbourne VIC 3000.

Cookie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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