Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wicked Chocolate Festival @ Prahran Market

After burning calories from Pilate Class in the early morning, I went to check out Prahran Market's Wicked Chocolate on Saturday May 7th. It was worth it especially getting all the free samples from different stalls - Bibelot, Burch & Purchese, Pana Chocolate, Sweet Greek and more ! 

I reckon Sweet Greek Shop is one of the best decor stalls on that day!  

Variety of freshly baked goods can be found at Noisette. 

Great sample testing at Pana Chocolate and I'm sold. 
Walked away with four flavous of chocolate which free from dairy, gluten and sugar. 

I'm really spoiled for #wickedchocolate festival! 

First time having Doughboy's doughnut and I'm loving it after the first bite.
I picked "Peanut Buster" filled with chocolate. 

All gooey chocolate sauce.. Yummmms. 

Attempted to bake a lemon cake at late night but it didn't turn out that great. Oh well, I will try harder on next time. 

 Till then,
Little Bits of Now